Planetary Gear Reducer

Planetary Gear Reducer

Planetary geared motor could work on high operating efficiency, easier mountings, offer high torque, range from 18 to 124mm.

Worm Gear Motor

Worm Gear Motor

Worm gear is widely used in industrial, heavy machinery and consumer applications. It can provide a high reduction rate and is usually self-locking.

High Efficiency Gear Motor

High Efficiency Gear Motor

To select a suitable and high-efficiency motor, you need to evaluating the motor load, conditions, operating time, etc.

Brushless Gear Motors

Brushless Gear Motors

Micro brushless motor, equipped with high-efficiency encoder. Low heat, vibration, noise, and has excellent performance.

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The professional production equipment is sufficient, which can provide customers with faster service and assistance.

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Brushed Planetary Gear Motor Hot

Brushed Planetary Gear Motor

Best choice for high torque, servo control application. Low noise, low current, IP level request is welcome.

Brushed Worm Gear Motor Hot

Brushed Worm Gear Motor

Worm gear is widely used in industrial, heavy machinery. It can provide a high reduction ratio and is usually self-locking.

Servo Motor with Encoder Hot

Servo Motor with Encoder

DC servo motor, optical type and magnetic type, low speed, quiet. It can be used with gearbox or brakes.