About Doryoku | Taiwan-Based High Torque & High-Quality Planetary Gear Motors Manufacturer | Doryoku Technical Corp.

Manufacture Gear Motor, Reducer, Brush or Brushless Motor.

We specialise in providing DC Gear motors for various applications.

About Doryoku

Manufacture Gear Motor, Reducer, Brush or Brushless Motor.

DORYOKU Technical Corp. produce high-quality Brush DC Planetary Gear, Worm gear( Orthogonal Gear) & Spur Gear motors. The product could combined with brushed, BLDC, stepping, NEMA, brushless or servo motor. Size range is from 12mm to 124mm, power from 1W to 1000w, Torque range: 0.1 - 150 Nm (1-1500 Kgcm). With brake, Optical or Magnetic encoder option .
If you need special spec like low temperature resistance, EMC, IP LEVEL, waterproof, please contact us.

Design Manufacture Reducer

Brushed Planetary Gear Motor Hot

Brushed Planetary Gear Motor

Best choice for high torque, servo control application. Low noise, low current, IP level request is welcome.

Brushed Worm Gear Motor Hot

Brushed Worm Gear Motor

Worm gear is widely used in industrial, heavy machinery. It can provide a high reduction ratio and is usually self-locking.

Servo Motor with Encoder Hot

Servo Motor with Encoder

DC servo motor, optical type and magnetic type, low speed, quiet. It can be used with gearbox or brakes.