Combined Gearbox | High Torque Worm Gear Motors Manufacturer Since 2000 | Doryoku Technical Corp.

2 Type Gearboxes / 25 years of DC gear motor production experience for Medical Equipment, Robot, Auto doors, Electric Tool, Farm equipment, with Encoder or brake, Security Lock, etc.

Complicated Gear Motor for Special Design

Combined Gearbox

2 Type Gearboxes

Compound Planetary Gearheads / Worm Gearheads / Spur Gearheads is unique for special design. Ferrite permanent magnets DC motor or stepping motor with Double reduction gearboxes to meet high power under lower speed performance.

For Combination, Gearboxes makes self-locking torque high. The product of 2 individual ratios makes the reduction ratios of the combination gearboxes range from 50/1 to 10000/1.

Combined Gearbox

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Combined Gearbox - 2 Type Gearboxes | High Torque Worm Gear Motors Manufacturer Since 2000 | Doryoku Technical Corp.

Based in Taiwan since 2000, Doryoku Technical Corp. is a DC gear motor manufacturer. Their main products, including Combined Gearbox, DC Planetary Gear Motors, Worm Gear Motors, Spur Gear Motors, which can be brushed, BLDC, stepping, NEMA, brushless, or with servo motors combined.

DORYOKU is one of the leading DC servo motor | DC gear motor manufacturers since 2000 based in Taiwan, and is specialized in producing high torque dc motor to meet the needs of automation applications. Our DC gear motor such as, planetary gear motor, DC servo motor, brushless DC motor are designed with size range from 18mm to 80mm, gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 11909:1. and continuous torque of up to 4,166 oz-in! We offer a cost-effective solution for your automation requirements. The product line includes planetary, Worm, spur Gearbox, combined with brushed, BLDC, stepping, servo motor.

Doryoku Tech. has been offering customers high torque DC motors and DC gear motors, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Doryoku Tech. ensures each customer's demands are met.