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Wide Range For Medical use, Robot, Exercise & sport , Vehicle and Door of options


Wide Range of Options

Dc gear motor could be used in many different installations.
For a Brush DC Motor or Brushless DC Motor after high ratio reducing box could provides up to 20 times more of rated torque.
If needed, or your request is very special, we could combine 2 different gearbox and raise the motor rated torque ( change the critical component) to meet your demand.

As you know, the brush DC motor offers continuous stable current. We could provide different level for your choices depend on your demand pricing or equipment installing space.

That's why It is appropriately chosen for industrial, Roller blinds, Medical use, Fire Fighting System, Gate Opener, vehicle, Scooter, Skateboard motor applications. Through altering its ratio and speed, we believe you will be satisfied.

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Tubular Gear Motor for Automated Venetian roller blinds

DC geared motor offers continuous stable current and has been widely applied in diverse areas. Planetary gear motor could provide different levels for your...

DC high power motor for solar panel cleaner robot.

Roller Blinds Motor, Venetian Blind, Window Sun Blind or Shade With a variety of selection, DORYOKU GEAR MOTOR or DC MOTOR in all golf cart or Vehicle...

DC geared motors for Garage Door / Elevator Door / Swing Door / Sliding Gate

Worm Gear Motors are diffusely used in industrial machines and home security system including AUTO DOOR Opener Systems, Garage Door, Elevator Door, Automation...

DC brushed and brushless motors for Agriculture / Garden Shears / Tree Planting

Gear motors are suitable for Garden tools since they have higher efficiency of output power and avoid users from electric shock hazard. Nowadays electric...

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DC Motors & Planetary Gearboxes Manufacturer For 25 Years | Doryoku Technical Corp.

Based in Taiwan since 2000, Doryoku Technical Corp. is a DC gear motor manufacturer. Their main products, including site::applications::name, DC Planetary Gear Motors, Worm Gear Motors, Spur Gear Motors, which can be brushed, BLDC, stepping, NEMA, brushless, or with servo motors combined.

DORYOKU is one of the leading DC servo motor | DC gear motor manufacturers since 2000 based in Taiwan, and is specialized in producing high torque dc motor to meet the needs of automation applications. Our DC gear motor such as, planetary gear motor, DC servo motor, brushless DC motor are designed with size range from 18mm to 80mm, gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 11909:1. and continuous torque of up to 4,166 oz-in! We offer a cost-effective solution for your automation requirements. The product line includes planetary, Worm, spur Gearbox, combined with brushed, BLDC, stepping, servo motor.

Doryoku Tech. has been offering customers high torque DC motors and DC gear motors, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Doryoku Tech. ensures each customer's demands are met.