Worm Gear Motors

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ODM OEM is Welcome

ODM OEM is Welcome

Brush, brushless, stepping, gear motor for an extensive selection of custom design.

Design and Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Brush DC motor manufacturing technology offers low friction, low starting current, high efficiency and stable torque-speed function.


Worm Gear Motors | Over 25 Years of Motor & DC Gear Motor Supply | Doryoku Tech.

Doryoku Technical Corp. is one of the leading Worm Gear Motors | DC gear motor manufacturers since 2000 based in Taiwan and is specialized in producing high torque dc motor to meet the needs of automation applications.

Our DC gear motor such as, planetary gear motor, DC servo motor, brushless DC motor are designed with size range from 18mm to 80mm, gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 11909:1. and continuous torque of up to 4,166 oz-in!

Doryoku Tech. has been offering customers high performance dc gear motors, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Doryoku Tech. ensures each customer's demands are met.

Worm Gear Motors

Powerful for Vehicle, AGV

DC Right Angle Worm reducers for heavy load design.
DC Right Angle Worm reducers for heavy load design.

The worm gearboxes are the most oldest flexible types of gear reducers and the type also named Orthogonal gear reducer is the ideal selection for changing direction by 90 degrees.
Over the years, we have introduced a wide array of worm geared products. Combined with DC Brushed, stepping or Brushless motor, it could be applicate in different area. Just like medical, food processing Opening Systems.
Speed From 60 to 400 RPM and Torque range: 1 - 150 Nm (10-1500 Kgcm)
NEMA flange acceptable.
Single Step ratio : 7.5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 80 100
Double Step ratio from 100 up to 3600.

Worm drive Worm gear
Worm-and-Wheel sets are typically comprised of a steel worm and a brass wheel (or bronze). A wide range of possible applications make worm gearboxes popular. Especially they have the great advantage of being easy to install and uninstall.
Brushed, stepping or Brushless combine
DC Brushed, stepping or Brushless Worm Geared Motor are high power could be applicant for Industrial Equipment, AGV, RGV, IGV, Golf Cart, Sweeper, Floor Cleaning Machine, UV-Disinfection Robot, Automatic lift chair, disable car or E-Scooter.
NMRV-030 040 050 063
The product line includes 12V, 24V even up to 48V MOTOR combined with NMRV-030 040 050 063 Worm reducer. IEC flange 56B14, 63B14, 71B14, 80B14 option. Brake or Optical or Magnetic encoder is available. One size gear box could be combined with different size motor to suit for customers request.
We could offer a datasheet of straight speed-torque curve, with starting torque, speeds and current to let you know the motor’s peak efficiency with operating torque.
ODM, OEM Welcome
Customized design welcome. DORYOKU can provide special shaft or flange version upon request. Gearbox design, Shaft and Flange shape can be made according to your requirement.


  • NMRV Multi-mounted Worm Speed Reducer
  • Model NMRV-030 040 050 063 Worm reducer
  • Speed Ratio Range (most) : 10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/80.
  • Hollow Bore
  • Matched with Servo/ Stepper/ brushed/ brushless Motor
  • Performance Curves of Torque, Current, Speed will be attached as sample request
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