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ODM OEM is Welcome

ODM OEM is Welcome

Brush, brushless, stepping, gear motor for an extensive selection of custom design.

Design and Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Brush DC motor manufacturing technology offers low friction, low starting current, high efficiency and stable torque-speed function.


Over 25 Years of High Torque DC Motor | DC Gear Motor Manufacturing | Doryoku Tech.

Doryoku Technical Corp. is one of the leading DC servo motor | DC gear motor manufacturers since 2000 based in Taiwan and is specialized in producing high torque dc motor to meet the needs of automation applications.

Our DC gear motor such as, planetary gear motor, DC servo motor, brushless DC motor are designed with size range from 18mm to 80mm, gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 11909:1. and continuous torque of up to 4,166 oz-in!

Doryoku Tech. has been offering customers high performance dc gear motors, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Doryoku Tech. ensures each customer's demands are met.


Wide Range of Options

Dc gear motor could be used in many different installations.
For a Brush DC Motor or Brushless DC Motor after high ratio reducing box could provides up to 20 times more of rated torque.
If needed, or your request is very special, we could combine 2 different gearbox and raise the motor rated torque ( change the critical component) to meet your demand.

As you know, the brush DC motor offers continuous stable current. We could provide different level for your choices depend on your demand pricing or equipment installing space.

That’s why It is appropriately chosen for industrial, Roller blinds, Medical use , Fire Fighting System, Gate Opener, vehicle, Scooter, Skateboard motor applications. Through altering its ratio and speed, we believe you will be satisfied.

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  • Tubular Gear Motor for Automated Venetian roller blinds
    Tubular Planetary Gear Motor

    DC geared motor offers continuous stable current and has been widely applied in diverse areas. Planetary gear motor could provide different levels for your choices depend on your demand pricing or equipment installing space. That’s why It is a perfect choice for industrial, motorized dual window shade, skylight openers, iBlinds Automated blinds or home automation controllers applications. Through altering its ratio and speed, we are confident to provide you the best Tubular Motor that meets all your requirements.

  • DC high power motor for solar panel cleaner robot.
    Utility Golf Cars and Industrial Equipment

    Roller Blinds Motor, Venetian Blind, Window Sun Blind or Shade With a variety of selection, DORYOKU GEAR MOTOR or DC MOTOR in all golf cart or Vehicle models make your design easier. Whisper quiet and perfect quality is crucial for Utility Golf Cars application in residential areas use. We are proud of our product is not only high quality but also fast delivery. DORYOKU GEAR MOTOR could be applicated in disable car, Electric Skateboards, AGV, Golf Trolley, Golf Cart, solar panel cleaner robot, and Utility Golf Cars. For Industrial equipment DC MOTOR could be used for Large Sweeper, Floor washing machine, Scrubbing machine, Scrubber Drier, High-Pressure Cleaner, lawnmower, solar panel cleaner robot, Luggage/ Baggage handling/Transport system and carry/transfer car, etc. Gearbox range from 18mm to 124mm; gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 11909:1, and continuous torque of up to 4,166 oz-in! Customized design welcome. DORYOKU can provide special shaft or flange version upon request. Gearbox design, Shaft and Flange shape can be made according to your requirement. Contact us today for more information.

  • DC geared motors for Garage Door/Elevator Door/Swing Door/Sliding Gate
    DC MOTOR for Door Opener Use

    Worm Gear Motors are diffusely used in industrial machines and home security system including AUTO DOOR Opener Systems, Garage Door, Elevator Door, Automation System, Sliding Gate, Cantilever Gate, Fence Gate, Swing Door, dumbwaiter lift Door or Home Automation System design. DC motors could be adjusted speed by input voltage and keep constant current to make the control easier. High torque at low speed is easy to meet by combining planetary or worm gearbox. Gearbox design, Shaft and Flange shape can be made according to your requirement. Besides that, they also work well under optical or magnetic encoder control. Reversing change direction is possible too. We will be delighted to offer linear speed & torque curve for you to help you design new products.

  • DC brushed and brushless motors for Agriculture/ Garden Shears/Tree Planting
    DC MOTOR for Garden Tool Agriculture Use

    Gear motors are suitable for Garden tools since they have higher efficiency of output power and avoid users from electric shock hazard. Nowadays electric designs are massively used in garden tools to replace fuel engine, and they are much more economical with time and energy. Garden Tools or High Power Large Torque Electric Tools depend on your design like Lawnmower, Garden Pole Chain Saw, Electric Garden Tiller, Powerful grass cutter, Seeding machine, Tree planting machine, garden shears, Garden Cutter, Garden Auger, Garden Pruner, Chain saws, Trimmers, Leaf blowers, Hedge trimmer, Secateurs, Olive tree shaker, Pole pruner, Tree pruner, Garden Hedge Trimmer, Garden Sprayer, Brush Cutter, Concrete cutter, Metal cutter, Circular saw, Angle grinder, Snowblower, Snow Thrower, Mulching mower, Grass Cutter, etc.

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